WAZ's new EP "Lights Go Down" is now available on iTunes. Click Here to download.

"WAZ is the real deal" - Jason Bentley @ KCRW

"It’s an uplifting pop anthem with lots of oohs, heart-tugging guitar lines and a giant chorus
–with a dash of the galloping folk that has been so ubiquitous lately.
The song has all the makings of a hit, so you should grab it while you can." - Rachel Reynolds @ KCRW

Kevin Bronson (Buzzbands) - "WAZ has returned to his solo endeavors, crafting atmospheric folk-rock with a deft cinematic flair. His “Lights Go Down” EP, somehow conjures up ends and beginnings at the same time."
WAZ's 5 song EP "Lights Go Down" will be released on August 26th.